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Coasteering – Exploring the Northumbrian coastline

Making the jump during a Coasteering session.

Making the jump during a Coasteering session.

Coasteering is a blend of swimming, traversing and cliff jumping and is an exciting and challenging experience. Blowholes, caves and curious sea creatures are only some of the features you will see whilst Coasteering around Beadnell with us.

Routes vary, and can be tailored to meet the needs of the participants, but generally last 2-3 hours.

Your coasteering session will start with a safety brief that will cover all safety aspects, before you head out with your experienced instructor. Coasteering instructors are qualified beach lifeguards.


Personal equipment (wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet) is provided and our instructors carry safety, rescue and first aid equipment.

Please bring along is a pair of wetsuit booties or trainers that you don’t mind getting wet as scramble across the rocks and waterline.

Next Step

Get in touch with us to arrange the details and make a booking. Each session or route costs £35 per person including equipment hire.

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