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Surf Lessons

We love surfing, and are always happy to share the surfing experience and give surfing lessons to individuals or groups keen to start surfing or to progress existing skills.

We offer a range of coaching and lesson options to suit most people, take a look at the options below, and get in touch to book your space !

All lessons include appropriate equipment – wetsuit and surfboard.

Beginner Lessons

Beginners lessons comprise of a two hours session, including a comprehensive safety briefing, warm-up, and introduction to the beach environment before heading into the water to practice skills under the watchful eye of our trained instructor. Beginner lessons are in groups of no more than 6. (Minimum of three people per session – when we can, we will add individuals together to build groups).

1 lesson – £30

2 lessons – £55

3 lessons – £75

Private Lessons

Private lessons are ideal for people who want to progress quickly. All private lessons are 2 hours and on a 1-1 basis and include a free half day rental so you can practice in the afternoon or next day.

1 private lesson – £75

2 private lessons – £120

3 private lessons – £165

Family Lessons

A family lesson is a great way to get the whole family in the water having fun. We ensure those needing most attention are helped and nurtured, building confidence and safety in the water. Lessons are 2 hours long. Based on a family of four, supplement  of £30 per extra person.

1 family lesson – £95

2 family lessons – £180

Kids Parties

Kids parties are a great way to have fun in the natural environment. The aim is to have fun and stay safe, and we ensure that the surf and conditions are appropriate. Ages up to 11 years, groups no larger than 8. Session lasts and hour and a half.

£20 per child.

Stag / Hen Groups

Again the whole idea is to get in the water and have some fun – we’ll make sure your safe and warm and having fun in the sea. Groups up to 8, session lasts and hour and a half.

£30 per person.

Our aim is to getting you up riding the waves, having fun as quickly and safely as possible.

We will be by your side the whole time, coaching, advising and ensuring your safety at all times.

We check the conditions and assess the safety of the environment before each session.

We accept card payments.

Our instructor is a qualified British Surfing Association Instructor, with Coaching and Lifesaving Qualifications.

Stay safe in the surf;

  • Wherever possible, always surf at a lifeguarded beach and follow the advice of the lifeguards,
  • Novices should only ever surf between the black and white flags.
  • Ask a lifeguard for advice on where to surf.
  • Always have a lesson at an approved BSA or ISA school.
  • Always wear your leash.
  • If you get into trouble never abandon your board – it will keep you afloat. Wave your hand and shout for help.
  • Never surf alone.
  • Never surf between the red and yellow flags.
  • Never drop in on another surfer.

Surf Lesson FAQs

1. Why Surf in Northumberland?
Northumberland has a beautiful and untouched coastline that offers an abundance of water-sports activities. Surfing here is an uncrowded, peaceful and enriching experience, and although not exposed to the same famous conditions as Cornwall, on the right day it can be just as good as anywhere in Cornwall.

2. I’ve never surfed before, is that ok?
Definitely! Our flexible surf courses are designed for absolute beginners in mind. We can’t stress enough that you don’t need any previous surfing experience to have a go, though it is recommended that you be a good swimmer and reasonably fit.

3. What is the instructor to student ratio?
A maximum of 8 students per 1 instructor.

4. What is the average age of participants?
We welcome all ages. However, most of our surfers are between 10 to 40 years of age. There is no age restriction, but you should be physically fit and ready for the challenge.

5. Are Surf boards and wetsuits included?
Yes! Just let us know your height and we’ll bring along a suit that fits you – and a board the right length.

6. What about the conditions?
Some times we are caught-out by the weather. We always ask student check-in and confirm details the morning or night before a lesson. We don’t take you out if its too small, or if the weather is not deemed safe.

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